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Q2 2023

Q2 2023 Market Update

By Catherine Buck | July 14, 2023

Mid-Year Check-In and Outlook Written by: Ryan Bouchey, Chief Investment Officer Download the Report Here Market Summary We’re at the halfway mark for 2023 and the fear and concern many investors had at the end of 2022 feels like it was six years ago, not six months. We’ve seen a dynamic shift in both markets…

new parents

7 Financial Tips for New Parents

By Samantha Masey | June 22, 2023

Written by: Samantha Masey, CFP® As soon to be first-time parents, my husband and I are in the middle of preparing for our baby to arrive and all the details that entails. Having a baby is an exciting and joyful time, but we have also encountered some unexpected considerations in preparation for her. These have…

Our Thoughts On The Bond Market

By Harmony Wagner | June 9, 2023

As much as our daily discussion focuses on the stock market, the bond market has been almost as interesting and important so far year to date. We always talk about the S&P and how the biggest stocks are doing, but gathering insights and having a plan within the bond market has been just as critical.…


I Just Received an Inheritance, Now What?

By Samantha Masey | June 7, 2023

Written by: Vincenzo Testa, CPA, CFP® When receiving an inheritance, one can find themselves feeling overwhelmed. Suddenly, you find yourself with a significant sum of money or assets that can potentially impact your financial future. However, it is essential to approach these situations with careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Depending on what assets are inherited,…

US Dollar Performance

A Turning Point for the Dollar?

By Samantha Masey | May 17, 2023

Written by: Martin Shields, CFP®, AIF® For the past decade, the U.S. Dollar has experienced a sustained rally against other currencies with gains of almost 50% from its lows of 2011.  These gains were propelled by the resilience of the U.S. economy, relatively high interest rates compared to other developed countries and a safe haven…

Women & Wealth

Women & Wealth

By Samantha Masey | May 15, 2023

The women on our team were able to take part in a women and wealth event this past week that provided an opportunity for networking and financial education. At Bouchey Financial Group, we understand the importance of inclusivity and take pride in empowering women through personal wealth management. We look forward to future events like…

What Happens if the Debt Ceiling is Not Raised?

By Catherine Buck | May 8, 2023

Written by: Nicole A. Gobel, CPA, CDFA®  Treasury Chief Janet Yellen’s announcement last week stated that we may reach the debt ceiling as soon as June 1st. While negotiations are in the works, we can provide background on the debt ceiling and possible future outcomes. This article will address: What is the debt ceiling? What…