Women and Wealth

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Women As The New Face Of Wealth

Today, women control one third of total household financial assets in the United States. That number continues to grow and by 2030, female baby boomers are expected to control $30 trillion in financial assets. In addition, younger affluent women are financially savvy and thus making their own financial and investment decisions. These changes represent a critical shift for the financial services industry.

Empowering Women With Financial Confidence

Women approach wealth management and their investments quite differently than males. As a group, women are less risk tolerant and focus their financial plans on life goals. Our team of advisors take great care in understanding women’s differentiated needs, investment behaviors, and preferences. The Bouchey Financial team is here to empower women as they take control of their financial future.

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Research Shows

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Wealth Rising

Women’s earnings have dramatically increased, growing by 75% compared to only 5% for men between 1970 and 2015.

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Understanding Finances

84% of women say that understanding their finances is a key to greater career flexibility.

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Improving Confidence In Investing

Only 52% of women say they are confident in managing investments.

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Investing Opportunities

41% of women report that their biggest financial regret is not investing more.

Source: Women and Financial Wellness: Beyond the Bottom Line, AgeWave 2018.

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