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Since 1990 Steven Bouchey has been advising clients and in 1995, he formed Bouchey Financial Group as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Our firm provides personalized wealth management services for individuals, families and businesses. Through our successful stewardship of our clients’ financial situation, they have entrusted us to manage over $800 million in assets on their behalf.”

"When I started this firm more than 30 years ago, I began with one core principal: That our clients would always come first."

Steven B Bouchey, CFP®
President & CEO

Ryan and Steve at desk
Bouchey Financial Group

At the heart of our financial strategy is the integral understanding that each portfolio and client is unique.

Bouchey Financial Group has helped high net worth individuals, families, businesses and small institutions grow and sustain their wealth by focusing on the individuality of each client.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Bouchey Financial Group has a fiduciary relationship with our clients', which means we always put their interests first. Being independent lets us focus on providing advice that's unbiased and addresses your unique circumstances. We feel no pressure or incentive to focus on anything else.

With convenient locations in Troy and Saratoga Springs, one of our financial advisors is never far from you. We service clients from throughout the Capital District and beyond.

Do you have a financial plan that works for you? Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our financial advisors.