2024 State of the Economy Recording

2024 State of the Economy

Watch the 2024 State of the Economy presentation for our outlook on the markets and economy for the coming year. The presentation includes: The State of the Firm What’s Ahead for Bouchey Financial Group Our Economic Outlook Can the Soft Economic Landing of 2023 Continue?  Our Market Outlook & Portfolio Perspectives Q&A You can watch…

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The Numbers Behind a Home Bias

US vs International Equities

It’s been an up and down week in the markets, following a down week last week. The headlines continue to be driven by inflation news (good and bad), July jobs report last week (somewhere in the middle) and last week’s downgrade of U.S. debt from AAA to AA+ by Fitch (bad but not worrisome). What…

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Beyond Rectangular Plastic: The Evolution of Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Written by: Scott Strohecker, EA Credit cards can be found and used all over in today’s financial landscape. For decades, these rectangular pieces of plastic have empowered consumers with the ability to make purchases, access credit, and enjoy numerous benefits.  However, as technology and consumer demands evolve, credit cards have evolved as well. In this…

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Q2 2023 Market Update Webinar: Riding the First Half Wave

Q2 2023 Webinar

Listen to the BFG investment team as they provide a look back at the markets from Q2 and discuss how it affects your portfolio performance. We will cover: First Half Markets Recap Stock Market Resiliency & Economic Strength The Interest Rate Rollercoaster What’s Needed to Sustain This Growth Hear from Ryan and Paolo in the recording…

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Webinar: Finance Tips for Women and Their Wealth

Finance Tips for Women

Watch our latest webinar focused on providing women with the tools they need to confidently manage their wealth. Nicole Gobel, CPA, CDFA®, Harmony Wagner, CFP® and Samantha Masey, CFP® review: Investments Tax Planning Risk Management Strategies Watch the presentation below. Play Video

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7 Financial Tips for New Parents

new parents

Written by: Samantha Masey, CFP® As soon to be first-time parents, my husband and I are in the middle of preparing for our baby to arrive and all the details that entails. Having a baby is an exciting and joyful time, but we have also encountered some unexpected considerations in preparation for her. These have…

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I Just Received an Inheritance, Now What?


Written by: Vincenzo Testa, CPA, CFP® When receiving an inheritance, one can find themselves feeling overwhelmed. Suddenly, you find yourself with a significant sum of money or assets that can potentially impact your financial future. However, it is essential to approach these situations with careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Depending on what assets are inherited,…

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