Investment Management

At the heart of our financial strategy is the integral undersanding that each portfolio and client is unique.

Bouchey Financial Group has helped high net worth individuals, families, businesses and small institutions grow and sustain their wealth by focusing on the individuality of each client.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Bouchey Financial Group has a fiduciary relationship with our clients', which means we always put their interests first. Being independent lets us focus on providing advice that's unbiased and addresses your unique circumstances. We feel no pressure or incentive to focus on anything else.

With convenient locations in Troy and Saratoga Springs, one of our financial advisors is never far from you. We service clients from throughout the Capital District and beyond.

Bouchey Financial Group

Individuals &

Since all of our portfolios are customized for our clients’ specific needs, before we begin the investment process, we spend significant time understanding their risk tolerance, cash flow needs, tax liability and financial goals.  By spending sufficient time on these important areas it helps ensure that our clients are properly invested.

Bouchey Financial Group

401(k) and 403(b) Retirement Plans

All sponsors of employer based retirement plans are required to act as a fiduciary for both the administrative and investment management elements of their plan. This responsibility requires the plan sponsor to be able to make informed decisions regarding the selection and management of a plan’s investments. Along with the fiduciary responsibility comes personal liability for all trustees of the plan. Bouchey Financial Group. can take on the role of an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager where the fiduciary responsibility and liability for managing the investments is fully delegated to our firm.

Bouchey Financial Group

Endowments & Foundations

Bouchey Financial Group has been managing investments for non-profits and endowments since the firm’s inception in 1995. Our philosophy in these relationships is to make sure the trustees of the plans are fully aware of our investment management strategy and that they understand the risks and return potential of the portfolio. We achieve this through clear, concise and consistent communication with the trustees. Our overall goal in managing these portfolios is to manage risk while providing growth and income in the account.

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