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Q2 2024 Market Update

By Catherine Buck | July 19, 2024

Striking the Right Balance Written by: Ryan Bouchey, Chief Investment Officer Download the Report Here   2024 First Half Update Recently, I’ve been thinking about the word nuance as it relates to the markets given some of the recent volatility we’ve seen these past few weeks. Headlines are an easy way to sell the news, and…

Relationship with money

What is Your Relationship with Money?

By Samantha Masey | July 1, 2024

The four behaviors I see most with individuals and their money. Written by: Ryan Bouchey, CFP ®, CPA Working with clients through the years opens you up to many different experiences. It’s funny, early on in my career I always found myself doing all I could to work on my technical abilities and use “math”…

Unlocking the Value of Independent Financial Advisors

By Samantha Masey | June 18, 2024

Written by: Samantha Masey, CFP®   As the technology for self-managed investment platforms and robo-advisors advances, many people have begun to wonder if the cost of hiring a financial advisor is worth it. To some the fee-only model may not appear to be as affordable as other options, but those same people may be surprised…

Smart Philanthropy

Smart Philanthropy: A Tale of Three Donors

By Samantha Masey | June 13, 2024

Charitable giving is one of the most meaningful ways you can have an impact. This webinar dives into three case studies of charitable giving strategies to maximize an individual’s charitable inclinations while considering financial needs and optimizing tax benefits. Learn more about: Donor Advised Funds Charitable Remainder Trusts Private Foundations Watch the recording below! Play…

Capital Region Chamber WBC: Navigating Emotional Intelligence Luncheon

By Catherine Buck | June 5, 2024

  Katie, Nicole, and Jamie attended the Women’s Business Council (WBC) luncheon this week. It was a networking and interactive skills workshop where teams discussed emotional awareness and resulting emotional action scenarios. The event was designed for leaders and aspiring professionals to enhance leadership skills and tools to foster stronger teams within your organization. The…

Artificial Intelligence – The Engine to Drive Growth in the Markets and the Economy

By Catherine Buck | June 3, 2024

  Written by: Martin Shields, CFP®, AIF® Since the start of 2023 it has become clear that the beginning of Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) role in the economy is upon us.  Just as .com became part of every earnings call in the late 1990s, AI has taken that role in today’s earning calls. The company that…

Now You Too Can Expect Fiduciary Guidance on Your Retirement!

By Catherine Buck | May 29, 2024

  Written by: Nicole Gobel CPA, CDFA Is your advisor a fiduciary? Do you know whether the advice you’re being given around retirement is in your best interest? A new Department of Labor rule was recently released that aims to protect many more individuals from conflicts of interest. What is a fiduciary? How has the…