Individuals & Families

Understanding our Clients

Since all of our portfolios are customized for our clients’ specific needs, before we begin the investment process, we spend significant time understanding their risk tolerance, cash flow needs, tax liability and financial goals.  By spending sufficient time on these important areas it helps ensure that our clients are properly invested.

Strategic Asset Allocation – Broad Diversification

This concept is the foundation by which Bouchey Financial Group, Ltd.  manages all client portfolios.  To maximize the risk adjusted return of a portfolio, it is paramount that the portfolio contains multiple global asset classes that possess different performance and risk characteristics.  Our investment team spends significant time researching the type of asset classes we utilize, the optimal investment vehicle to gain access to an asset class and the appropriate asset allocation for each client portfolio.

Tactical Asset Allocation – Valuation Matters

As part of our extensive investment research process, we are constantly evaluating the performance and the valuation of the various asset classes held in our clients’ portfolios.  From a portfolio rebalancing perspective, we employ the time tested investment adage of “buy low and sell high” as we increase our allocation to asset classes we believe are undervalued and sell those asset classes that are overvalued.  Using this approach can often require us to go against the crowd, but keeping disciplined in this area of portfolio management can be one of the biggest drivers behind successful long-term investing.

Minimize Expense Drag on Portfolio Performance

Whether it is transaction costs, fund expense ratios or tax liabilities, minimizing portfolio expenses is paramount to maximizing investment performance.  For the majority of our investment holdings we utilize index funds.  These investment vehicles have substantially lower expense ratios than actively managed funds and as many studies have shown, the index fund for a particular asset class frequently outperforms the majority of respective managers for those asset classes.  The trading platform we use allows us to buy and sell many of our holdings with no transaction costs to our clients, maximizing total return on their investment.  Through our commitment to cutting costs for our clients, we enable them to maximize earning potential in all aspects of their portfolios.