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How Much Do I Need to Retire?

By Samantha Masey | January 28, 2022

Written by: Nicole Gobel, CPA “How much do I need to retire?” is possibly the most important question that an advisor can help answer for a client. While the answer is different for every situation there are essential pieces of information that should always be part of the conversation. Some are factual, while others are assumptions…

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What is ‘The Great Resignation’?

By Samantha Masey | January 19, 2022

Written by: Vincenzo Testa, CPA It has been almost two years since the entire world shut down. We all remember March 2020; when our places of work sent us home for the day. We did not know what to expect. Who would have known two years later we would still be dealing with the headwinds…

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Should You Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio?

By Samantha Masey | January 12, 2022

Written by: Martin Shields, CFP®, AIF ® Let’s first start by defining what portfolio rebalancing entails.  This process brings the asset classes in your portfolio back to their target weight from either overweight or underweight positions.  This entails selling your fastest growing assets and buying assets classes that have been underperforming. It is a prudent…

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The Power of Compounding Returns

By Samantha Masey | December 20, 2021

As we approach “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, I for one am looking forward to spending much needed quality time with family and friends reflecting on how fortunate I am to have every one of them in my life.  My two daughters who are 9 and 7 years old respectively, have been carefully…

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What Is T.I.N.A. and Why Is It Important to Me?

By Samantha Masey | December 15, 2021

Written by: Paolo LaPietra, CFP® Over the last few weeks, I’ve been discussing the relationship between the bond market and T.I.N.A with clients. Their initial facial expressions as they try to figure out who T.I.N.A is and what she has to do with the bond market are priceless. Before they start guessing, if it’s a…

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‘Twas the Last Month of the Year and Tax Planning Is Here

By Samantha Masey | December 8, 2021

Written by: Jennifer D. Foley, CPA – Wealth Advisor & Tax Planner As the end of the year approaches and is filled with holiday distractions it is important not to forget year-end tax planning. In this article, I have provided some tips to help reduce your tax bill and potential changes to pay attention to…

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Good vs Bad Debt: Does Good Debt Exist?

By Samantha Masey | November 15, 2021

Written by: Samantha Masey – Associate Wealth Advisor I recently had a conversation with someone who shared that his parents taught him that all debt is bad, and it has significantly influenced his financial decisions. Since becoming a financial planner I hear this sentiment more and more from clients, friends, and family. Many people believe…