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5 Personal Finance Strategies During High Inflation

By Samantha Masey | June 29, 2022

Written by: Harmony Wagner, CFP® With inflation at 40-year highs, American households are feeling the pinch. For April and May, the year-over-year inflation figures were 8.3% and 8.6% respectively, and with issues on both the supply and demand side of inflation, many people fear that inflation may persist through the summer months and perhaps even…

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What Investors Need Now Is Patience and Fortitude

By Samantha Masey | June 17, 2022

Written by: Steven B. Bouchey, CFP® As seen in The Saratogian. The headlines in 2022 have been overwhelming; the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Covid-19 lingering on, China’s lockdowns adding to supply chain disruptions, and inflation at 40-year highs!!! So, what has changed on the inflation front? The May consumer price index (CPI) was red hot, rising +1%…

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Why Is Planning Around Your Employee Stock Options So Important?

By Samantha Masey | June 6, 2022

Written by: Vincenzo Testa, CPA Equity compensation is one of many benefits that employers are offering more frequently to hold onto their valuable employees. Sure, in general, employees know when they are granted their stock options, when they vest or their strike price. But are those same employees able to calculate the potential significant tax…

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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

By Samantha Masey | May 31, 2022

Is the Saying True? Written by: Nicole Gobel, CPA – Wealth Advisor & Tax Planner We’ve all heard this advice countless times throughout our lives from parents, trusted friends or our own internal voices attempting to keep us from experiencing failure. But what does not having all your eggs in one basket look like when…

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Series I Bonds – The One Thing That Improves With Inflation

By Samantha Masey | May 23, 2022

Written by: Marty Shields, AIF, CFP® In this time of high inflation, rising interest rates and volatile equity markets, it is difficult to find investments that can provide a rate of return that is greater than inflation and not volatile.  Well one does exist, and it has become very popular recently.  It is the Series…

Steven Bouchey

Is This What Capitulation Feels Like???

By Samantha Masey | May 6, 2022

Capitulation means “to surrender or give up” when it comes to investing. I’m not sure how close we are to the low point of this market correction for the S&P 500 and bear market for Nasdaq, or just maybe we hit it already. We never know until time passes and we look back. I do…

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What Is The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

By Samantha Masey | May 3, 2022

Written by: Jenny D. Foley, CPA As the baby boomer generation continues into retirement, a common financial planning question we hear is, what are the best options for medical insurance and long-term care needs for retirees?  This article will answer: What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Who is eligible for Medicaid? How does…