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q1 2024

Q1 2024 Market and Economic Update

By Samantha Masey | April 10, 2024

As the first quarter comes to an end, our investment team recaps what we’ve seen year-to-date and what economic factors may have the biggest impact on the markets for the remainder of the year. Topics include: 1st Quarter Recap Economic Overview The Fed & Fixed Income Outlook Market Outlook & Expectations Watch the recording below…

Two Ways to Provide Cash Flow for an Early Retirement

By Catherine Buck | March 25, 2024

  Written by: Marty Shields, CFP®, AIF®    Many individuals who want to retire early and only have access to cash flow provided from their IRA or 401(k) run into a roadblock because they will trigger a 10% penalty on all distributions before the age of 59.5. Below are the two potential work arounds to overcome…

Direct Indexing

Unlocking Potential: The Power of Direct Indexing in Wealth Management

By Samantha Masey | March 13, 2024

Direct indexing is one of the fastest growing areas of wealth management that offers a wide range of advantages from customization to tax efficiency. Watch our recent webinar to learn more about: What is Direct Indexing Who Can Benefit Technology Enhanced Tax Loss Harvesting What Does This Look Like for You Recording available below! Play…

What I Want My Daughters to Know about Managing Money

By Catherine Buck | March 8, 2024

  Written by: Harmony Wagner, CFP®, CPWA® As a mother to three young daughters, much of my time and energy is devoted to teaching my girls the skills and principles that will help them thrive in life, ranging from how to build a piece of furniture to how to stand up for yourself. Given my chosen…

Tax-Savvy Investing: Navigating the Backdoor Roth for Maximum Returns

By Catherine Buck | March 4, 2024

  Written by: Samantha Masey, CFP®   Are you a high earner that is no longer eligible to make Roth IRA contributions? It may be time to consider implementing a backdoor Roth strategy. When it comes to saving for retirement, most individuals are aware of the basic vehicles available to them such as their employer…

Behavioral Finance: The Psychology of Money

By Catherine Buck | February 21, 2024

    Written By: Catherine (Katie) Buck   How we feel about money has been ingrained in us from an early age. Our cognitive biases influence how we feel about investing and will drive our financial decisions. Understanding and identifying these biases is an important part of financial advising that allows professionals to navigate around…

Leaving a Legacy vs. Gifting During Your Lifetime

By Catherine Buck | February 14, 2024

  Written by: Nicole Gobel CPA, CDFA   Over the last fifteen years, I have had the benefit of working with many different clients on the personal advisory side of wealth management. Some clients are adamant about leaving a significant inheritance while others are less concerned about leaving a legacy. Many want to help family,…