International Women’s Day

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A message from Steven Bouchey on International Women's Day

Helping women manage their wealth has always been near and dear to my heart, and I have built out my team to include some very dynamic and talented female professionals to help me fulfill this goal. I am committed to bringing more awareness so that women can manage their wealth independently, with more confidence. For the past 33 years I took pride in empowering women through personal wealth management and awareness and best of all, now doing my best to grow the number of women serving our clients. After reading why they love what they do below, I am confident that you will agree.

Hear from our team members:

I have been in the financial services field for 25 years and in customer service for many more. After losing my dad at an early age, I watched my mom struggle, determined to save as much money as she could each month to ensure she could support her children. I wanted to follow in her footsteps and by entering this field, I learned to become a diligent saver, therefore becoming independent and what a great feeling it is! The Team at Bouchey Financial Group is a family. We have built many close relationships with our clients.  Throughout my career at Bouchey Financial Group my main goal has been helping each client as much as I can.  They are like family to us all.

- Angela, Director of Client of Services


I have always wanted a career that gave me purpose, but my journey to become a wealth advisor wasn’t as direct as some. I worked in the marketing industry for several years, but couldn’t find meaning behind my work. Choosing to become a wealth advisor was the perfect pairing of my interests with my desire to make a real impact in clients’ lives. This career has allowed me to not only build authentic connections, but also give guidance that can have life changing effects.

- Samantha, Wealth Advisor & Marketing Coordinator


I’ve been an advisor for over 14 years and in financial services for over 20. Upon entering this industry, I didn’t think about being in the minority since I was a woman. It just felt like the right fit for my personality and skill set. However, over the years there have been so many instances when I’ve been told that one spouse, predominantly female, is not interested in talking about investments or participating in financial planning. That is until topics around caring and providing for others such as education, estate or long-term care planning came up. It has been truly rewarding to not only educate and help my clients achieve their goals over my career thus far but also to work with such an amazing team.

- Nicole, Wealth Advisor & Tax Planner


I’ve had several jobs over the years, none I would consider a career.  I’ve finally found a position that provides me with fulfillment as I near the end of my working years.  Although I am pleased to be working with such an amazing group of people, in the field of finance, my regret is not finding this earlier in life.

- Andrea, Client Relationship Manager


I never knew what I wanted to be growing up. I pictured myself in various roles: Engineer, architect, statistician, bureaucrat, mother. I always envied people who knew. I worked as a bank teller through the pandemic, my bank in particular was directly involved with New York State’s unemployment. I saw the worst of what the pandemic dealt to Americans financially. My role extended past helping clients, I found purpose in listening and helping all people during those unprecedented times. Fast forward three years, I’ve found myself in a position to help educate and advise for a living. I have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and finally found the career I was looking for.

- Catherine, Associate Wealth Advisor


Throughout life, I always knew I would end up with a career path in helping people. When I began my career with a larger bank, I found myself helping them financially. After years in the banking industry, I decided to join a team where I could really connect with clients, work with them through their life events all while still helping and having a positive impact.

- Jamie, Client Relationship Manager


I can’t explain exactly what it was that made me choose a career as a financial advisor, as I really had no idea at the time how rewarding it would be. Most people probably don’t think of the financial advice industry as a “helping profession” compared to professions such as education or caregiving. However, in my seven years here at Bouchey, I have seen on countless occasions the impact and value that financial advice can have on an individual or family. As an advisor, I have the opportunity each day to guide clients in building a life that reflects their unique values, to relieve anxiety by offering financial wisdom, and to walk with others through the highest highs and lowest lows of life. It’s rewarding work in ways that I never expected, and I’m so grateful to have found this passion that I get to call my work.

- Harmony, Wealth Advisor & Information Officer


All throughout my childhood I thought I was going to be a teacher. Growing up I would always spend time in my father’s classroom, “teaching” math to empty desks. When I went to Siena College, I learned there were many different career paths that I could use my love for numbers. I graduated with an Accounting degree and started working as a Private Equity Fund Accountant. After working in the industry for a few years I realized that my passion for teaching and helping people was still there and I was not satisfied in my current job. I was offered a position at Bouchey and never regretted my decision to change. Being able to talk with and assist clients as they get closer to their financial goals has been such a great feeling. Bouchey Financial Group has given me a wonderful place to work with amazing clients and the greatest team members. I am forever grateful for that.

- Shelley, Client Relationship Manager


I grew up watching my dad run a successful financial planning business, but I never thought I would one day work for the company.  I was always more interested in words than numbers and graduated with a degree in English – finance was furthest from my mind.  Fast forward 30-something years, and I am happy to say I now help with the philanthropic side of the company - helping to coordinate sponsorships, events, and causes that give back to the community.  Client and community relations are a complimentary part of the financial services industry, and it is great to be able to help the company in my own, unique way.

- Lauren, Philanthropic Concierge


As my daughter Lauren noted above, we take pride in giving back to our community. Let us know if there are any female focused organizations that you feel our team members can positively impact. As always, thank you for the trust you place in us. We do not take it lightly.

Stay well,

Steve, President & CEO

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