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Reaching Record Highs

By drawpub | April 6, 2013

Market Overview We started 2013 with a brief trip over the “fiscal cliff” followed by general concern over Washington bringing uncertainty to the economy and producing artificial crisis situations over the debt and budget debate.  By the end of the quarter, Congress was not able to come to agreement on a master plan to change…

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Sequestration and the Aftermath

By drawpub | March 1, 2013

The sequestration deadline has come and gone with most people probably thinking to themselves “now that wasn’t so bad.”  To take a phrase from PIMCO’s Mohamed El-Erian and use it in a different context, it feels as though we’re finally getting used to Washington’s “New Normal.”  We saw it with the Fiscal Cliff and we’ve…

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Global Currencies – Continuing the Trend Downward

By drawpub | February 19, 2013

Over the weekend finance ministers and central bank governors from the top 20 industrialized countries (G-20 countries) met to discuss financial topic relating to the global economy.  One of the primary areas of discussion was the recent devaluation in currencies, most recently with the British Sterling and the Japanese Yen.  The Yen has declined almost…

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Spending Cuts or not?

By drawpub | February 15, 2013

Tune in for “Lets Talk Money” Saturday February 16th at noon for a candid conversation with  Congressman Paul Tonko concerning the Fiscal Cliff, Debt Ceiling and how far will Congress go with making some difficult choices on fixing the debt problem of our country. WGY News Talk Radio AM 810 or FM 103.1 or listen live at or…

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After a strong January, where do we go from here

By drawpub | February 1, 2013

Our investment team was fortunate enough this past week to travel to Boston to attend Charles Schwab’s Investment Outlook 2013 Conference. It was a great opportunity to hear the economic and investment outlooks from some of the world’s leading portfolio managers. The trip also afforded our investment committee an opportunity to meet for an extended…

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Apple Overview

By drawpub | January 28, 2013

Following Apple’s mixed earnings report Wednesday night (revenue fell slightly short and earnings beat expectations), the stock price took a hit in after-hours trading which lasted through Friday, finishing the week at $443/share.  Although Apple’s earnings were a disappointment to most, there were many positive elements to the report and the sharp decline is primarily…

Experts: Economy slowly healing, but jobs are key to recovery –

By drawpub | January 13, 2013

Experts: Economy slowly healing, but jobs are key to recovery –