Investing is Hard: The Price of Successful Investing

By Catherine Buck | December 1, 2023

  Written by: Ryan Bouchey, CPA, CFP The Holidays are a time for many things: making memories with family, expressing daily gratitude, and perhaps reflecting on the year gone past. While contemplating various aspects of my life, one crucial element that captures my reflection, aside from my family, is the markets. With December upon us,…

US vs International Equities

The Numbers Behind a Home Bias

By Samantha Masey | August 11, 2023

It’s been an up and down week in the markets, following a down week last week. The headlines continue to be driven by inflation news (good and bad), July jobs report last week (somewhere in the middle) and last week’s downgrade of U.S. debt from AAA to AA+ by Fitch (bad but not worrisome). What…