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How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Stocks?

By Samantha Masey | February 14, 2022

Written by: Paolo LaPietra, CFP® With the Federal Reserve projecting three rate hikes in 2022, a recurring question I’ve been receiving is “How will rising interest rates affect my stocks?” It’s an important question to ask, especially with so much negative sentiment towards rising rates for equity investors. We’ve seen volatility so far this quarter,…

Bouchey Financial Group

What Is T.I.N.A. and Why Is It Important to Me?

By Samantha Masey | December 15, 2021

Written by: Paolo LaPietra, CFP® Over the last few weeks, I’ve been discussing the relationship between the bond market and T.I.N.A with clients. Their initial facial expressions as they try to figure out who T.I.N.A is and what she has to do with the bond market are priceless. Before they start guessing, if it’s a…

Inflation: Why is this such a big deal and how does it affect me?

By Samantha Masey | October 5, 2021

Inflation is a term that has been dominating the financial news in recent months, and as investors, it is important to understand what the term inflation means and how it affects our investments. Key Takeaways: Understanding inflation and its causes Central Bank responses to support economic growth have increased inflationary pressures How inflation can affect…