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Why Bouchey Financial Group is Committed to Giving Back, Especially During the Holidays

By Samantha Masey | January 13, 2023

Tis the season to give back and I along with my team try our best to make a difference in the lives in our communities. I know firsthand there are many folks who find it hard to put food on the table, buy gas or pay their heating bills so I’ve been to Walmart a…

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Local Families Receive Christmas Gifts

By Samantha Masey | December 23, 2022

This holiday season our organization was able to support some families in need in our local community through Commission on Economic Opportunity. Lauren Bouchey shopped and wrapped the weeks leading up to delivering our Christmas gifts to Kate Maciol and her dynamic team for numerous families. Their mission is “Changing lives, improving our community “, which…

Chuck and Kelly – January 28, 2015 – Bouchey Financial Group, Ltd.

By Samantha Masey | January 28, 2015

Steve Bouchey on WGY this morning with Chuck and Kelly talks about the Dow yesterday and the financial impact of the storm that never happened…

Bouchey Financial Group

Annual IRS and SSA Adjustments

By Samantha Masey | October 31, 2014

Written by: Martin Shields Every year in October the Social Security Administration (SSA) comes out with the cost of living adjustments in Social Security benefits and the IRS comes out with updated retirement plan benefit limit. Both of these announcements become effective on January 1 of the following year. For 2015, Social Security beneficiaries will…