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Financial Sector Showing Strength for 2014
We are more than two weeks into 2014 and the S&P 500 is essentially flat with mixed economic data being reported...
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2014 State of the Economy Presentation
Please visit the link below for details about our 2014 State of the Economy Presentation!
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Expectation for Muni Bonds in 2014
This past year was a tough one for municipal bond investors with the Barclay’s Muni Bond Index posting its worst...
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Federal Reserve Taper
We’ve been hearing rumors for months that the Federal Reserve would be tapering their monthly bond buying policy, otherwise known...
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“Top 10 Financial Tips from this Non Financial Lady”
In an effort to keep you on your toes I have decided to contribute to our blog for the first...
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Charles Schwab’s annual conference in Washington D.C.
As part of our ongoing investment due diligence and research, we are attending Charles Schwab’s annual conference in Washington D.C. ...
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2014 Changes to Employer Based Retirement Plans and Social Security
Every year in the fall, the federal government provides new guidelines on how much can be saved to an employer...
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Bouchey Financial Group 3rd Quarter Market & Economic Review
Market Overview: September marked the five‐year anniversary of the financial crisis. Although the general mood of the country doesn’t always...
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The Direction of the Fed under Chairwoman Yellen
This week President Obama named Janet Yellen to be the next head of the Federal Reserve replacing Ben Bernacke who...
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Washington Driving the Market
We are once again in a situation where investors find themselves more concerned with what is occurring in Washington than...
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