Year End Tax Planning Webinar

By Catherine Buck | November 29, 2023

Please join us for our Year End Tax Planning Webinar! As we approach the end of 2023, our team will be discussing year-end tax planning to ensure that you are optimizing available tax strategies. Our webinar will be led by Nicole Gobel CPA, CDFA®, Vincenzo Testa CPA, CFP®, and Scott Strohecker, EA.   Topics will…

Q3 2023 Market and Economic Update

By Catherine Buck | October 11, 2023

As the third quarter has come to an end, our focus will be on what we’ve seen so far year-to-date and what economic factors may have the biggest impact on the markets as we close out the year. Our discussion will be led by Chief Investment Officer Ryan Bouchey and Portfolio Strategist Paolo LaPietra. Topics…

Cybersecurity & Fraud Awareness 2023

By Catherine Buck | September 20, 2023

Play Video Join us for an enlightening cybersecurity and fraud prevention webinar designed to inform and empower you to safeguard your personal information. In this session, our team members John and Harmony will share insights, best practices, and the latest trends in digital security. Topics we will cover include: Cybersecurity Essential Protocols Cybersecurity Threat Landscape…

Webinar: Bouchey Client Portal Tutorial

By Catherine Buck | August 16, 2023

We pride ourselves on providing educational opportunities for our clients. This month’s webinar, hosted by Samantha and Katie, is a tailored walk-through of the Bouchey Client Portal to show you how to navigate and process all of the available information. We will cover: The Portal Dashboard Asset Allocation Account Performance Capital Flows Holdings Available Reports…

Q2 2023 Webinar

Q2 2023 Market Update Webinar: Riding the First Half Wave

By Samantha Masey | July 13, 2023

Listen to the BFG investment team as they provide a look back at the markets from Q2 and discuss how it affects your portfolio performance. We will cover: First Half Markets Recap Stock Market Resiliency & Economic Strength The Interest Rate Rollercoaster What’s Needed to Sustain This Growth Hear from Ryan and Paolo in the recording…

Finance Tips for Women

Webinar: Finance Tips for Women and Their Wealth

By Samantha Masey | June 28, 2023

Watch our latest webinar focused on providing women with the tools they need to confidently manage their wealth. Nicole Gobel, CPA, CDFA®, Harmony Wagner, CFP® and Samantha Masey, CFP® review: Investments Tax Planning Risk Management Strategies Watch the presentation below. Play Video

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Webinar Recording: What’s Missing From Your Estate Plan?

By Samantha Masey | May 24, 2023

Watch our latest webinar on estate planning basics and things everyone should know about planning for the future. Harmony Wagner, CFP® and Scott Strohecker, EA review: Estate planning documents everyone should have When to consider more complex planning Lifetime strategies for leaving a legacy Download Your Estate Planning Checklists Here! Estate Planning Checklist Estate Planning…