Living Resources Fashion Show

Bouchey Financial Group

Bouchey Financial Group had the pleasure of sponsoring, attending, and participating in this year's Living Resources Fashion Show at the track. This organization is near and dear to our CEO Steven Bouchey's heart and he wanted to share the following words about his experience that day.

Bouchey Financial Group"Susan and I were Honorary Chairs for the Living Resources Fashion Show and what a day, 450 supporters for an amazing cause. My brother Brian’s first comment, “I love you Steve, you got five bucks” is something that never gets old.

The highlight of the day was when the live auction started, Brian saw hands going up and he got in the spirit, needless to say we were the benefactors of an spectacular Nick Martinez painting signed by 15 jockeys. Brian was ecstatic that he won, he told many guests “I won”. How can you not love his outlook on life?

I can’t begin to say how much work and energy Natalie A. Sillery and Deneen Palmateer put into making this a premier event and Bouchey Financial Group, Ltd. was proud to sponsor it.

What does inclusion mean ???

Please let me smother you with why Brian and many others are the most beautiful people and help bring awareness to why they are so special.

Brian only knows how to love, he has no idea what hate means and I’ve said often how I’ve learned so much growing up with two brothers, Danny (RIP) and Brian. Brian can teach us all to appreciate whatever it is that we have and not want more, other than maybe “five bucks”.

God works in funny ways and Brian was born with an extra set of chromosomes, three rather than two, and he “rocks it”. He never came home as my Mom passed away shortly after he was born. I have been very involved in both their lives since we were teenagers. Without having my Mom in his life Brian still learned how to show true affection like no one else does.

Think about your daily life; when you take part in activities like school, work, having fun or just being alongside other people. Those with Down Syndrome and other special needs do not benefit from full and effective participation and inclusion in society.

Brian wants to be just like you and me.

I hope that I was able to have you spend a few minutes thinking about all of these beautiful people and the next time you see them, let's make their day by making them feel awesome, AWESOME. "